How to Report for Lost, Stolen, Non arrived Walmart Credit Card

Lots of time and efforts have invested by the Walmart Company to maintain their services for the Walmart customers and regular shoppers. We all know that maintaining the services for their customers is a hard and very difficult thing.

But the Walmart has done their job wonderfully since it has established. On the other hand, there will be some issues which you can’t control or imagine because these are not in your hands and you are unable to control them before occurring the problems.

Similarly, there are few issues that Walmart regular shoppers face due to their carelessness. So in this article, I will be covering those problems like Walmart credit card issues, lost or stolen.

So let’s talk discuss the Walmart credit card issues and how we find their solutions.

Walmart Credit Card Stolen Issues And Solutions

I know you guys are thinking what kind of issues you can face being the Walmart regular shopper. So let me tell you, you can face the problems when your Walmart credit card has lost or your card has stolen. In this scenario what will you do and what will be the solution because then you will not be able to get the benefits of the card.

If your Walmart credit card is stolen and lost then the solution is that you need on go on the official website and sign in to your Walmart credit card account.

Walmart Credit Card Issues, Lost Or Stolen

After that, you need to go on the account summary page and then click on the “Dispute a Charge” and enter the all required details.

There will be another option of “Request Replacement Card” if your Walmart card has stolen and lost. Then you can click on that option. To request for the new card and to block old Walmart credit card.

You can also contact at Walmart customer service toll number that is 1-877-294-7880 and get the help from Walmart representatives they are always there to help you.

If you want to apply for new Walmart credit cardIf you are master Card user then click here to know about the step by step applying guide.


These were the solution of Walmart credit card issues and you can handle your problem by following these steps. Hopefully other than this, there will be hardly any issue which you will face. But if you still have any issue or you are facing any problem you can contact at Walmart customer service center and visit the near Walmart store.

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