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TelltheBell – Today, in this article we will provide you the information about the most famous restaurant Taco bell in the United States. This article also includes the information about the Taco Bell Company and step by step process of performing the survey and getting a chance of winning $500 cash.

We have tried our best to provide you the content to the best of my knowledge about the survey. As this article is all about the survey of Taco Bell. Read the article and follow the step by step procedure given in this article.


Tellthebell – Survey to win $500 Cash Step By Step Process

TelltheBell Survey is the feedback portal supported by the Taco Bell corporateTaco Bell Customer Survey always takes a serious concern of the customers and their feedback. The customer survey team conducts the survey to get the feedback from the customer and get to know how their product and service is felt by the customer.

The survey is always important as by doing this, the company knows about the taste of the people, knows about where do they lack, and also knows about what are the things disliked by the people. By knowing this the company can always improve and provide better facility to the customers. This is greatly beneficial in staying in the market. Else if you are unaware of the dislike or issues people are facing by using your product or service, you will soon be out of the market, customers will not be attracted to your outlet and will search for the better option. So to keep customers coming regularly at your place, you need to set up the proper connection with them, by knowing their taste and their issues.

In the same way the provides the customer an option to provide survey. On providing the survey, a customer can get a chance of winning the $500 cash. By this way customer will be given this as a token of thanks.

The customer should provide a genuine feedback about the product and the services they have used and should respond to only what customers really felt about the last visit, or all the way they used the service. Since the customer should also get the chance of expressing the true thing and demand if they are not satisfied.

You will read about the procedure, requirements and the method to perform the survey in the below sections.

About Taco Bell –

TellTheBell is an American restaurant that provides you different items like tacos, quesadillas, burritos, nachos specialty items and a wide variety of value menu food items. It is basically fast food chain restaurant. It is based out in California, Irvine, and a subsidiary of the Yum Brands, Inc.

It was founded by Glen Bell and headquarter is at California, U.S. It serves more than 2 billion customers every year at around 7000 restaurants out of which more than 80 % are owned by independent franchisees and licensees.

Eventually the business growth was at an alarming rate, opened many branches in starting years only. Then after PepsiCo purchased the company Taco Bell in 1978, and spun off its restaurant divisions as Trico Global Restaurant, which was later changed as the Yum Brands. Taco Bell opened the first Taco Bell Express in 1991 in San Francisco.

How to Participate in the – Video Tutorial

Restaurant serving –

The Taco Bell restaurant has wide menu including the drinks and offers combo as well as deals on the food items. You can choose what you like as you can find many options and the things are going to be delicious. You can have vegetarian food, you can choose to have the party packs or there can be breakfast section as well. They will prepare your food according to your order, you can ask for some extra toppings or extra meals. You can explore the site and you get it ordered online. You will be served with your order.

Requirements for performing the Tellthebell survey

To perform the survey you need to have some basic things with you. Some of the basic things are listed below, you should keep in mind about the things required in it to perform the Taco Bell survey-

  • The customer should have the restaurant receipt, on which the survey code is printed. This code is required when attempting the survey. So keep the receipt handy when you are performing the survey.
  • You require a computer, laptop, or a smartphone, on which you can log into the website and perform the survey.
  • Your system should be connected to the internet. As it will be required for you to log on to the website and perform the survey.
  • You need to have the basic knowledge of English and Spanish language. Since the survey is conducted in only 2 languages which is English and Spanish.

Keep these things in mind whenever you are ready to perform the survey. The offer is valid for limited time only, so do not miss the chance of winning the reward. Get your required things and start with the survey process.

Rules for the TelltheBell Survey

There are several rules that you need to follow in concern of the providing the survey. You should understand the rules and must keep the things in mind before starting with the survey. Few of the rules are given below-

  • The sweepstake participation is valid only for the legal residents of the 50 United States and District of Columbia. Void to those places where it is prohibited and restricted by law.
  • The user should be 18 years of age or more for taking the survey. Users below the 18 years of age are not allowed to enter the survey and get the chance of winning $500 cash.
  • Employees of the company or their near relatives are not allowed to participate in the restaurant survey. Everyone related to the sponsor, subsidiaries, advertising agencies, and internet agencies, promotion agencies all are not eligible to participate or enter in performing survey.
  • Per receipt only one survey is allowed, and per household only one prize is offered.
  • Your purchase cannot increase the chances of winning the sweepstake.
  • You should not work in a way that would harm the company’s dignity. Be profound with your feedback to be given genuinely.

Tell the Bell Survey Rewards –

The Taco Bell survey provides the survey sweepstakes. The rewards are included by which you can get the chance of winning them.

  • There are fifty two prizes of $500 check, which is payable to the winner. There will be a random draw of the sweepstake, until the entries are closed.
  • Every person giving the survey are offered a free sweepstakes entry but only after the completion of the survey.

Grab the amazing offer provided by your favorite restaurant by just providing the survey. It would hardly take your few minutes as the module designed is user friendly, attractive and easy to use.

TelltheBell Survey Steps – Taco Bell Online 

You can get tellthebell sweepstakes by performing the survey. This is like an opportunity for the user to express their views about the restaurant, and rate your opinion. This will take just few minute of yours but with this you can get the chance of winning $500. So, it’s like just do the survey task in your convenient time.

tellthebell survey

You can give your survey online by following the step by step procedure for Taco Bell survey which given below-

  • Get your smartphone, or laptop or the computer system in which you can open the website. The device should have proper internet connectivity else this will take much of your time.
  • Open the browser in your device. Take your cursor to the URL space and click on it. Then in the URL tab enter the website address given
  • The taco bell webpage will appear. Click on the survey button.
  • Enter the receipt code or survey code in the box provided. The survey code will be available on your receipt of your last visit.
  • They will ask you the general details about your last visit, so enter the details like date, time etc.
  • Now you will be directed to the official feedback page, where the survey users are asked to share their experience and provide the feedback. So, give your personal feedback here, in response to the service provided to you on your last visit as well as previous experience. The issues can be like-
    • The overall guest experience or the way or manner you were treated.
    • The exactness of the order.
    • The quality of the food served.
    • Employee’s friendliness or response.
    • Cleanliness of the restaurant and the food served.
    • The comfort zone or the atmosphere provided.
    • Total worth of your last visit.
    • Anything additional facility you want on our restaurant.
    • Issue related to the billing.
    • The ambience of the restaurant. Etc.
  • As soon as you enter your feedback, they will direct you to the page of where you need to enter your personal details like name, email id, contact number etc. enter all the details.
  • Click on the submit button on the screen.
  • You will get your sweepstake. Now you have entered into the contest. You have the chance of winning the contest by lucky draw, and get $500 cash as the reward.

Thus, you have to follow the simple steps, and you will be provided with a token of thanks in the form of the sweepstake. In this way, the Taco Bell awards the opportunity to win $500 cash.

There are many people who have already won the rewards, so what are you waiting for? Just get the required things and start the step by step procedure of performing the tellthebell survey. Be one of the reward winners by giving your survey. The offer is valid for limited time only, so do not miss the chance of winning the reward.

Selection of the Winner

The selection of the winner will be done very genuinely as no concerned people are allowed to participate in the survey conducted. The winners are selected by keeping few things in mind.

  • For each drawing 4 contest winner are going to be selected randomly from the collection of the sweepstake at the drawing pool. So you just not have a single chance to win, but more than that, making it more fun for you.
  • Winners will get a telephone call and prizes will be distributed. This will be done only, by the email. So it is compulsory for you to provide your valid email id and the contact number.
  • Winners list will be displayed at the host site which is
  • Every winner will receive $500 check of their name from the company.

Tricks to grab the rewards are already mentioned above in the requirement section, just follow them and begin your survey process.

Contact Details

In case you find any issue regarding the survey, feel free to contact the company. The contact details are given below.

  • Business Headquarters contact number: 1-949-863-4500
  • Customer Service contact number: 1-800-822-6235
  • Address of Taco Bell: 1 Glen Bell Way Irvine, CA 92618
  • Official survey website:
  • Taco Bell website:
  • Previous sweepstakes winners:

You can also reach to us at the address by registering yourself in the official website contact us page, and you will get the details or the call.

You can also use the social networking to place your query- on Facebook, twitter.

Official Website:

Final Verdict:

Tellthebell- In this article of we have tried including all the information related to the Taco Bell survey. We have described you the requirements to perform the survey, the step by step procedure to perform the survey and also the main details about the company. It has grown by the taste and service provided by the company and it has been liked and encouraged by the customers.

We hope that you liked the Taco Bell survey article, and the article was informative to you. Follow the Tellthebell step by step to conduct the survey and get the chance of winning the $500 cash. You can share your experience and visit with us in our comment section below. You can also share the experience of giving survey for the Taco Bell with us in the comment section given below.

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Now! Let’s start with the step by step questions and their options that would be asked of you during the survey.
Visit the official website of Taco bell Survey at website.

Provide details about your Store Number, Date and Time click next to continue.

Rate your overall satisfaction with your last visiting experience at Taco Bell?

-> Fill your experience

What type of food you ordered at the taco bell restaurant?

-> Carry-Out
-> Dine-In
-> Drive-Thru

Click next to process.

Would you like to rate your overall satisfaction with the following options?

-> The appearance of your food.
-> Cleanliness of the restaurant.
-> The speed of the service.
-> Size of your order.
-> The accuracy of your order.
-> Friendliness of team members.

Click next to continue.

Why were you less than satisfied? Give a reason for the portion size?

-> It does not look like the advertisement.
-> Less other toppings.
-> Not enough chicken, beef or steak.
-> Not enough cheese

Why were you less than satisfied? Give a reason for the appearance of the food?

-> Don’t look like the advertisement.
-> Ingredients were dry or greasy.
-> Torn tortilla.
-> Messy ingredients.
-> Cracked taco shells.
-> Ingredients were not balanced.

Why you were unsatisfied with the interior cleanliness of TacoBell give a reason for unsatisfied?

-> Trash cans were overflowing.
-> The tables or chairs were dirty.
-> The floor was dirty.
-> The uniform of the team members was dirty in appearance.
-> Restrooms were dirty.

In this question, Survey ask you about any problems you had faced during your visit?

-> Yes
-> No

Click Next to Continue. asks you to rate your satisfaction with how well the problem was resolved?

-> Satisfied
-> Highly Satisfied
-> Dissatisfied
-> Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied
-> Highly dissatisfied
-> N/A

Select an option and click next button.

In this sweepstakes, they will also ask you to recommend others to visit Taco Bell Restaurant.

-> Highly likely.
-> Likely Somewhat
-> Not very likely
-> Not at all likely

Click next button to continue.

In the next question, Survey will ask you that did you buy a hard shell taco (e.g. locos Tacos Doritos, beef).

-> Yes
-> No

Select an option and click next to move to the next question.

In the next question of the survey, they ask you were your taco visually full or not?
-> Yes
-> No

Select yes if your taco was full and click next to move to the next question.

Survey will ask you about ingredients that were inappropriate (check all that apply).

-> Cheese Seasoned
-> Beef
-> Lettuce
-> Other

Select only those ingredients that were inappropriate and click next to continue to the next question.

In the 2nd last question, they ask you about the legal resident of United States and about your age and after that, you may enter Tell The Bell sweepstakes survey.

-> Yes
-> No

Select the appropriate option yes or no and then click next button for the last question.

In the last and the final question, they ask your personal information.

-> First Name
-> Last Name
-> Phone Number

Provide the following information and click next. Finally, your Survey is complete !

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