Top Reasons Why People Love Walmart Credit Card

Top Reasons Why People Love Walmart Credit Card : Why people love Walmart credit card is not a secret now, in this article I will show you the top reason behind that. However, Walmart Company has unique options for its shoppers when it comes to offering Walmart credit card services. Walmart is currently offering the two type of cards for to its shoppers, the first one is Walmart credit card and the other one is Walmart master card. Both Walmart credit cards have different usage modalities and benefits that I will show you. Let me give you a quick idea about why people love Walmart credit cards.

Walmart Credit Card Payments Overview

If you are a user of Walmart credit card, it means you can just use your Walmart card in the store, Walmart Supercenter,, Walmart Neighborhood Markets, Walmart or USA gas stations, and Sam’s Clubs. On the other hand, Walmart master credit card is the useable at any place where you see the Walmart sign. If you are a Walmart regular shopper probably you have heard about this.

There is another perk that when you go to purchase the gas with your Walmart credit card at Walmart gas station, you will be able to save 5 cents per gallon. However, if you are in Alabama or Florida, your discounts credits will show up on your Walmart credit card statement.

I know it sounds good. Here is another advantage of Walmart credit cards that this have zero annual fees and they don’t charge any kind of fraud liability in case of identity theft. Additionally, you can monitor the top two items that are affecting your score while using the Walmart credit card score monitoring option. That’s not the end, if you sign up for the Walmart electronic statement online, you will get the free monthly credits from FICO. These are the great features that you will not find in another credit card.

Many credit card company charge a premium interest rate for making cash withdrawals. But Walmart credit card offers an exclusive advance cash feature that enables the consumers to withdraw $60 cash per day when you go for the in-store purchase along with $20 increments. So you can escape the many extra credit card processing fees that you find somewhere else.

Applying For The Walmart Credit Card

Applying for the Walmart credit card and Walmart master card is very easy. Simply, you can apply for Walmart credit card and Walmart master card at any Walmart store or online at official website.

Already mentioned that applying for the Walmart credit cards is very simple. When you select to apply for the Walmart credit card synchrony Bank will check your credit card score and all other factors like your debt level, income level, employment, and other things likewise all other credit card company.

But there is something interesting thing that Walmart credit card does not require any fixed credit score to be eligible. Furthermore, there are many cardholders who report for the credit card with a low score because the high rate is the symbol that those who have low credit may also qualify.

walmart credit card

Walmart Credit Card Account Bonus

When every new Walmart credit card holder opens the new account, he/she get the 10% cash back on every single purchase up to $250 on the same day. That is equivalent to $25 signup bonus when you spend $250.

Walmart Bill Payment

There are five best and different official ways for the Walmart bill payment. If you are interested to become a Walmart credit card regular shopper then these bill payment methods are for you.

1. Walmart bill pay online

This is the first and pretty simple way for the Walmart bill payment online. You just need to sign in to your Walmart credit card account for the payment.

If you have not made your Walmart credit card online account so far, then go for the account registration. Afterward account registration simply pay your Walmart bill.

2. Walmart bill pay e-Payment

You can pay your Walmart bill through e-Payment. Learn more about e-payment at

But currently, Walmart is not accepting recurring payment and debit card.

3. Pay By Phone

Walmart bill payment service through automated phone method is free. But if you want to choose a Walmart representative to assist you with the bill payment then $10 service changes will be applied. Therefore, you can simply pay through the phone with your debit card by using Speed pay.

Walmart Credit Card: 1-877-294-7880

Walmart MasterCard: 1-866-611-1148

4. Walmart Bill Payment By Mail

If you want to pay your Walmart credit cards bill via mail then send your query at below mention address.


PO Box 530927

Atlanta, GA 30353-0927


Walmart MasterCard/SYNCB

PO Box 960024

Orlando, FL 32896-0024

5. Pay in Store

You can pay your Walmart credit card payment at any Walmart store along with Walmart credit cards. Your payments will be posted within 24-48 hours of the transaction. If you are a member of Sam’s Club then you can also pay bills at any Sam’s Club Location.


There are several benefits of Walmart credit cards as compare to other credit card companies this is what people love to use it. Other credit card companies have a different kind of restrictions but the Walmart offers their shopper’s maximum rewards and bonus that you can read above again.

If we talk about the rates then let me clear you. The rates of other company’s credits cards are very high as compare to Walmart credit cards. If you are business Owner or an entrepreneur, I will recommend you that you must check the comparison of the best all best credit cards and you will find the Walmart credit card at the top of the position. So you should ignore the all other credits cards and use the Walmart credit cards to keep your credit limits low. It can be very beneficial for business because it has everything that you should know about choosing the right merchant services.

Tip: Due to the usage limitation of the Walmart credit card, Walmart store cards may not be the best option for you if you want to earn rewards. But remember that if you qualify for the Walmart MasterCard then you should apply for it. So you can use the Walmart master card to save on purchases at locations other than Walmart.

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